Our Purpose

So, what is unique about us? The Company will consist of dancers ranging in ages 4-18 years old. We offer five different teams for Company members, each one unique and specific to help nurture a dancer where ever they are in their dance journey. Our five competitive companies are: Pre-Company, Ground Floor Company, The Company, Beat Company, and The Underground Company. 

All classes are fully staffed with an energetic core group of instructors. In addition, our staff of industry leaders have been pioneers in their specific genre of music interpretation.

Our mission is to provide the very best instruction for every dancer that enters the studio. Class instruction is thorough and engaging, focused on building passionate, well-trained dancers. In addition, our instructors lead a proven and effective strength and conditioning program, as well as, a highly effective and motivating program rooted in sports psychology. Our program has a focus on teaching young people to be empowered and have a strong sense of self-worth.

Our Story

Did you ever wake up one day and decide that you could do more? That you could be more? I think that I was maybe 15 or so when I was seriously approached about teaching dance. It has always been my life, but I didn't actually think that it was something I was capable of.

A few years later, I was teaching classes and enjoying my interaction with younger dancers. The ability to teach, train and mentor was a level of fulfillment that I did not know I could feel. Fast forward a few years....Our team is a tight knit, close and dynamic group of young dancers. They were eager, hungry and loved everything that the dance world had to offer.

In an odd turn of events, I paused. I knew I could do  even more. I knew that I could put together a program that taught dancers the expected things, but also taught them to be ready for the very real world of professional dancing. With the help of some very talented and thoughtful instructors, we have the opportunity to show the entire world of dance to young and eager dancers. Instructors that put all of their time, effort, and energy into raising the next generation of competent and confident young professionals. Instructors that aren't afraid of competition. Instructors that want to provide exceptional training in a fun environment.

Welcome to The Company Space